Whether you ask for it or not, who gives you advice?

Your potential is determined by those closest to you – John Maxwell

We all have an inner circle of people who impact us (good or bad). 

We also have “spheres of influence” and we should be very careful about how we allow them to blend together. 

I’ve learned to be intentional and mindful of who I let impact me on a continuous basis (inner circle). I’m influenced regularly by things that go on around me, but I want to limit that impact as much as possible. 

Thus, I read and listen purposefully and thoughtfully, I journal about my thoughts and asked God to direct me. Some of those I go to for help I’ve never personally met , but I trust them much more than than those I have.

I plan events put on by trusted sources where I’ll be introduced to new speakers, more materials.

I pay attention to who I let and need in my inner circle.

Why is this important?

Because our “potential is determined by those closest to us.”

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