#TwitterTips – for Realtors (and others)

#1 Social Media Rule for Realtors: use Twitter
#2 Social Media Rule for Realtors: do NOT tweet listings
“The reason why people shouldn’t be tweeting their listings is the same as why they shouldn’t post them on their Facebook page. It’s annoying and it’s borderline spam,” says Eric Proulx, RealEstate.com’s social media manager in Stop Tweeting Listings.
Ok. I’ve given some #1 and #2 social media rules before, but these are mine for today.
Plus, there’s speculation Twitter has yanked some Realtors’ accounts for “selling” on Twitter. That sounds far-fetched but some are claiming it.
Twitter posts should tell a story, or at least have a theme. I started reading a new fiction author a few years ago, saw he had a Twitter handle, and started following. Along the way I posted something about liking his book. Shortly afterwards I had a guy start following me and re-tweeting some of my stuff. I began reading his tweets and soon realized this “guy” was the main character in the author’s book.
The author was using his character’s Twitter name to continue a story line between books! How AWESOME is that! The author ended up getting rather raunchy along the way and I stopped following him, but what a great practice.
You’ll notice many top bloggers with similar practices but with “themes.” For instance, this week, my theme was on John Maxwell’s “Law of Magnetism.” I posted, at random intervals 4-7 posts a day on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin (I use Hootsuite to schedule the posts and it takes me 5-7 minutes a day).
So…if you’re a Realtor, don’t Tweet listings! If you’re a marketer or salesperson, don’t Tweet to sell. “Tweet-to-market” by drawing good attention to YOU. Draw attention by drawing people to click on your Twitter profile where they can then click onto your website where your listings are available. 
To that end….

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