Steps to Networking with Impact

I don’t like networking, but networking works. I connect with more people, I’ve built a large database and I’ve met some incredible people.

Networking has become a passion I want to get better at. I want to network better, build more relationships, learn about more people, make a difference in more lives.

Without a lot of explanation, here’s the simple version of my initial process when meeting someone and the follow-up –

1. I ask “what industry are you in?”

2. I ask about FORM (family, occupation, recreation, money/mortgage/misc)

3. I ask for a business card and write something on the back

4. I put that business card in my right front pocket

5. When I get home, I put the card in a certain spot on my desk

6. I input business cards into my database during my morning desk time

7. Send an email 24-72 hours after the face-to-face meeting

8. 4-7 days after the face-to-face, I send an email asking for their LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook “business” names/links. Note….I want to have an email conversation if possible. 2nd note….I do these all separately, 2-4 days apart.

9. After exhausting the email strategy, I’ll find and connect directly on social media.

10. I share, like and comment on their social media.

The intent is that over a 3-4 week period, the person I met face-to-face has received 3, 5 to 7 additional “handshakes” from me.

This is a process I control. I can’t control return emails. I can’t control them sharing, liking or commenting on my social media.

Marketing-Smart-Not-Harder is engaging in the process you can control.

To that end….

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