Reality, thinking, changing

I’ve come across some interesting numbers the past few months (you can Google for many references)…

– we receive 20,000 bits of data per day through what we see and hear. That’s more in one week than someone in 1900 received in a lifetime.

– we have 60,000 thoughts per day.

– 90% of our thoughts are repetitive.

I’m changing every day, you’re changing every day. Purposefully, or not, our “reality” is changing and yet, we don’t naturally want to change. Our subconscious mind wants to maintain today’s reality. The subconscious doesn’t know right or wrong, only “is.” 

We change our reality through spaced-repetition, through new familiarities, and growth. By receiving all these bits of data, and if that data is random (as most is), our REALITY is changing towards the collective sum of all that data.

To change purposefully though is different. We purposefully feed our conscious and subconscious with WHAT WE WANT IT TO BE FED.

This is a huge problem with goal setting. Our subconscious doesn’t want to do something new, it wants to maintain that old reality. So…we need to purposefully change our thoughts.

When we set a goal, an ideal thing to do is to start becoming more familiar with a broader aspect of what the goal looks like. I do this in part by reading magazine articles (pictures add to the familiarity), listening to podcasts, look for and view videos on YouTube.

My reasoning is to come up with new ideas, stay motivated, be purposeful, adjust my attitude, re-commit and learn to trust that I can get it done….regularly re-starting something that has to with the end results I want.

I want to change my reality and not only achieve results, but sustain the results. Then, the next level, if that’s where I want to go, becomes highly probable.

To that end….start purposefully changing.

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