Points-to-Ponder: How Many Fundamental Principles Do You Have?

I was involved two years ago in a project where 7 of us were reviewing and critiquing the 350 or so principles of a highly successful businessman.

Yes, 350.

Part of the project is to write down our own fundamental principles. Now, I’ve had my mission statement written for 15 years and have matured it slightly. My values statement has also matured, and expanded over the years. My plan, or vision statement, has changed drastically, much like the vision in my eyes.

But principles? That has always been more difficult. I had another project a few years ago where my management team and I started working on our principles. It was hard, and probably because we, or I, wanted to keep the number of principles to as few as possible; 12 at the most. And we just couldn’t get that done.

Then, along came on this project about about this HIGHLY successful millionaire who has 350 principles! Maybe that’s why my team and I couldn’t get that project done – we were limiting ourselves.

So, how many fundamental principles do you have? I’ve had many of mine written down and title various ways for years, plus I’ve been journaling others that come up in day-to-day work.

I’m at 51.

Interesting. How many do you think you have? Do you think there should be a limit? Can you put a limit?

To that end…

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