Keep Looking Over Your Shoulder

The step that most directly controls our success or failure is our
behavior – what we do or not do. Behavior means our actions.
How we act, what we do, each moment of each day…

– Shad Helmstetter What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

What did you do to be successful last week? Look over your shoulder? Literally. Look to see if you did what it took to succeed last week.

Assuming that you’re responsible for generating income…Did you make a sale? Did you market well last week? Did you bring new people into your sphere of influence. Did you go out, meet people and tell them about your offer? What you’re selling? Did you start new relationships last week? 

In days of old (ten years ago), most of us only started new relationships over the phone and/or face-to-face. These days, there’s the social media aspect, email and other internet impact.

And, the guy that succeeds in these relationships will usually use many ways to touch his spheres.

Building relationships will more than a handful (that’s 4 or 5) takes a process. A process requires, yes requires, evaluation and correction. Look back through your calendar and complete filling it out for last week and do this –

1. open your calendar
2. start filling out everything you did last week.
3. go back through the call log on your phone.
4. this will take some time, but it is a great exercise of what you are spending time on
5. look at all your social media postings
6. log everything
7. evaluate it
8. what could you have done differently?
9. what will you do differently today
10. do this again tomorrow morning to see what you did today

Are you spending time doing what you need to do to succeed? You can’t get the check if you’re not marketing, and if you’re not marketing you aren’t getting new prospects. If your business depends upon new face-to-face prospects, you can’t prospect if you’re not in front of people. You can’t make that sale tomorrow, next week or next month if you don’t meet people today.

Oh! You don’t want to look back, you just want to look forward? Then I’ll be bold enough to say you’re going to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The purpose of “looking over your shoulder” is to uncover blind spots and begin establishing a robust evaluation and correction system. Blind spots are called blind spots for a reason. Figure out where they are and do something about them.

Ask yourself: what could you have done 7 months ago to help your situation today? What could you have done last month to help sell something today? What could youhave done last week, or yesterday to help today?

So, do that TODAY to help yourself tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

To that end….fill out you calendar today and look back at it tonight and make a difference today in your future.


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