In-the-Box Thinking

The purpose is to stimulate my creativity 
from within, not construct from without 
– Paul Martinelli 

Thinking-in-the-box releases me from thinking I need to come up with new stuff. I believe the ideas, and what-it-takes-to-get-it-done is already inside me. Behavioral scientists say we only use a fraction of our abilities. Yes, maybe I need a bit of the stimulus I get by reading books, listening to speakers, seeking counsel, having good conversations, but I want to reconstruct and build on what God’s given me.

I don’t want to open that box up in front of St. Peter and find all the things God had in store for me that I didn’t receive because I spent so much time piling unnecessary stuff on top of it.

Think-in-the-box and let me know if it frees you up just a bit, if your creativity expands.

To that end….have a great day!

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