Clutter, and self-image…Raising Lids

You can’t outperform you self-image. Maxwell Maltz

Clutter. As I focus on the Ps (plan, pause, pray, patience, purpose, peace, that the right Ps?), I’m reminded more and more of the clutter that gets in my way of the big R – RESULTS.

Clutter is not all about what I create for myself, but what others create on my behalf. Or is it what I allow others to create? Either case, I have to deal with it.

And such, it becomes the inability to create. The inability to move forward. Some might say it’s a spiritual thing. Maybe so. But, as with a post last November……

Clutter snuck in.

And when that happens, this Choleric/Sanguine (D/I) gets caught up in the reactions.

What am I going to do? I’m Purposefully driving back through my Speed of Trust disciplines and behaviors. I’ll Pay attention to my Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results as I practice the following 3, of 13 behaviors (can only concentrate on 3) –

Talk Straight, Clarify Expectations, Deliver Results

It’s also time for a celebration – looking through the 13 behaviors, I realize how much better I am at practicing all of these than I was 5 years ago. Even a few months ago.

To that end….it’s a GREAT DAY!

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