A new generation being “formed”

At 58, I’m a digital immigrant and not a native, 
but I feel like a commuter. 

Thanks to Hurdie Burke for sharing this Google publication

Google’s THINK group have declared a new generation: Gen C

A few highlights –

  • It’s a powerful new force in consumer culture
  • It’s about
    • creation
    • curation
    • connection
    • community
  • It’s an attitude
  • It’s a state of mind
  • It’s not an age-group
In essence, the behaviors of this generation have less to do with the year they were born than their attitude and mindset…according to Google, who has defined this generation, only 65% of Gen C are under 35.
Gen C is also highly engaged in video, primarily YouTube and they are hungry for content they can share and talk about online. They also expect their friends to do the same.

More on Gen C to come, 

To that end….

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